We focus on the reliable delivery of propane gas to the agricultural, industrial and residential marketplaces throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. From Van Wert, Ohio, to Fort Wayne and Columbia City Indiana, our propane gas customers rely on United Oil Corporation for fair pricing, consistent delivery, and exceptional customer service.





Homeowners throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio have trusted United Oil Corporation for propane gas delivery for over a decade. We deliver propane to residential customers with the same care and reliability that our agricultural and industrial customers receive.

When you are a propane customer of United Oil Corporation, you can rest assured that your propane delivery will be consistent, on-time, and we are prepared to assist you in any emergency situation. We are there when you need us.


Much of industry throughout our community runs on propane gas and United Oil Corporation is a proud partner in helping fuel the economy. Reliable propane gas delivery is an important part of your business to power heavy equipment of all types. We handle wholesale deliveries, retail service stations, and a variety of other propane gas uses for some of the largest and most successful companies in the area.

Our exceptional propane gas service gives owners one less thing to worry about in the daily operations of their business. It’s personalized service that sets us apart from others along with our commitment to on-time delivery at competitive prices that earns the trust of local business owners. When propane is a critical part of your operations, you can depend on United Oil Corporation to be there when you need us.


United Oil Corporation is well-established as a trusted partner in the success of area farms by reliably delivering propane gas to area farmers at a fair price. Propane is a critical component in many farms because:

  • Propane gas is Cost-Effective
Propane gas is a clean burning fuel with ninety percent of propane drawn from tanks converted to energy, reducing costs and waste.

  • Propane is Reliable and Portable
Propane systems can be installed in remote areas and is not affected by electrical power outages in heavy storms.

  • Propane is Clean
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, propane exhaust is significantly less polluting than gasoline or diesel.

Millions of Americans trust propane for fueling their homes for very good reasons.

  • Propane gas is Clean
Propane burns clean and is better for the environment.

  • Propane gas is Reliable
Propane is dependable during electrical power outages.

  • Propane gas is a Good Value
Propane can offer significant savings where other energy sources do not.

  • Propane gas is Safe
Propane has built-in safety properties along with stringent safety regulations.
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