United Oil Corporation handles the top name brand lubricants and fluids from suppliers like Pinnacle, Citgo, Conoco Phillips, Marathon and many others. We carry lubricants and fluids to meet just about any automotive, agricultural or industrial need.
We provide a broad line of engine oil, hydraulic oils, greases, and antifreeze. Whether it's commercial, industrial, agricultural, automotive, shop or your personal car, United Oil Corporation is here to provide with the brands you trust, with the best service in the industry.

We select products based on what is important to our lubricant customers—quality and consistency of materials. We have carefully selected fluids whose manufacturers start with the finest base oils and additives available in the industry.

The lubricants are extensively tested to meet strict specifications before they are packaged and shipped. Our goal is to offer the cleanest lubricants available. Just as you trust United Oil for quality and reliability, we trust our suppliers to deliver the finest lubricants and fluids available.

Whether it's grease, transmission fluids and motor oils, or dozens of other specialty lubricants, we have the high quality lubricants you need in stock. Consider United Oil Corporation your lubricant expert that understands your business and equipment, and will work proactively to protect your equipment and lower your operational and maintenance costs.
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