Why Choose Us

Success in life and business are largely dependent on establishing business and personal relationships that you can trust. United Oil Corporation works hard to make this connection with every farm, industrial, and residential customer we serve. It is our customer service that sets us apart from the competition. Our customer service revolves around our expertise in the fuels, lubricants, and propane we deliver. This customer service is especially helpful in the lubricants market because we can recommend a specific lubricant to your particular equipment or need. We offer straightforward pricing that is easy to understand. While it is the nature of the petroleum business that prices can be very volatile, our customers choose us because they know that we never gouge or play tricks with pricing. We offer a variety of customer services that allow you to plan your fuel usage for the year. This allows customers to better manage their cash flow and costs. At United Oil Corporation, we deliver customer service that sets us apart from the crowd. We don’t inflate pricing because of your location or business size. Our business thrives because of customer loyalty established over years of reliable service and fair pricing. If you’re not getting this exceptional customer service from your current supplier, then come to United Oil Corporation and be treated like a valued partner. Start enjoying better customer service now by calling us at (260) 244-6000 or (888) 843-2529! United Oil Corporation serves Northeastern Indiana and Northwest Ohio See below for a listing of counties and cities in our service area.