United Oil Corporation has been a top choice for fuel and lubricants in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio since 1966. Beginning in 2005, United Oil has quickly become one of the area’s top choices for propane as well.

United Oil Corporation was originally established in Fort Wayne by five men that were frustrated with poor service and high prices for fuel and lubricants. They were confident they would be successful by focusing on three key ideas:

Deliver exceptional customer service and be there when customers need you.

Treat customers fairly and don’t play games with pricing.

Stock high quality products and get any product a customer requires.

These core values have survived the test of time. As the company has continued to grow over the past 50 years, the owners, Bill Auer and Dave Gardner, never vary from these values.

The team at United Oil Corporation does not cut corners or look for the cheapest way out. They constantly strive to add value to their products and services by finding ways to improve processes, lower costs, and make life easier for customers.

United Oil Corporation is locally owned and operated by “hands on” people that get out in the field every day servicing customers and building relationships. They believe you can’t truly know your customers sitting behind a desk 100% of the time. It is this steady contact with customers that helps them understand the pulse of the market and know the needs of their customers.
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